Hi, I’m Craig Dean and I present the entertainment express known as the ‘Half Way There’ where we ‘ease you through midweek, but not too gently’ every Wednesday Evening between 7 and 9pm UK time ☺

I also run my own business, Soudini Ltd (that sponsors my show)  love motorcycling (the Harley kind!) gym daily (but am no Adonis!) swim, cycle, enjoy pubbing, cinema and eating out (all the usual I guess!) I like science fiction, horror, romance and comedy and am a happy chatty guy who just loves getting up in the morning – if that sounds good to you then please tune in, as I’m sure we’ll be on the same wavelength!!

My show includes a plethora of fun and frivolity, including features like:

  • Name Jan’s theme
  • My Top 10
  • E-mail/Text/Post of The week
  • What’s on this weekend
  • A great variety of music
  • & of course all the usual ‘shout outs’ and requests that you, the listeners, send in

So what are you waiting for?!! Hop on the Half Way There Entertainment Express: It’s picking up in your area between 7pm and 9pm this Wednesday Night!!

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