UK USA Rock n Soul Show with Keith Scowcroft from the UK and Mike Kroll from the USA


The show is unique as Keith and Mike each have a wide and distinctly personal taste in music, which comes from their different background, cultures and lifestyles.

It is made more interesting by featuring guests DJs from the USA, England and France, all of whom with their natural accents means that the show appeals to listeners all over the world.
(Right side in picture) Mike’s love of music comes from his father as he recalls his Dad playing records and dancing with his mother in their living room.

Mike grew up in East Pointe, Michigan outside of Detroit he has fond memories playing drums throughout his years in school.

Mike’s interest in radio began when he was a teenager. He would attend live radio remote broadcasts in the Detroit area and dreamed about becoming a Rock and Roll DJ.

About 17 years ago Mike’s dream came true when he began radio broadcasting as a guest DJ on several live radio shows in Detroit. He had the opportunity to be a part of David Washington’s Twenty Grand Revue. It was on David’s show where Keith and Mike paths crossed. Keith was a regular call-in correspondent from the UK.

From there Keith and Mike developed a friendship and co-founded the UK USA Soul Connection, now the UK USA Rock n Soul Connection, a syndicated international radio show that airs on the internet all over the world.

In addition, Mike’s continues as a guest DJ on the Elvis and Buddy Holly tribute shows on live radio in Detroit.

When Mike is away from broadcasting he enjoys living on a small island in the lakes area close to Detroit, taking pictures of wildlife and traveling with his wife Gail.

(Left side in picture) Keith is a native of Manchester in the Northwest of England, the home of the famous Manchester United football team (soccer to our listeners in the States).

He relocated to Poole, Dorset on the south coast of UK in 1972, where he still resides.

From a very young age, Keith had a passion for cars and pop music, living through the Mersey Beat era, attending gigs in the Manchester clubs and theatres.

A few years back Keith teamed up with Mike Kroll and formed “The UK USA Rock n Soul Connection” playing the sort of music they love to hear. It has been a very successful collaboration and they hope it will continue for some time to come.

In 2004 Keith begin an association with WPON, a radio station in Detroit. He visited them in 2007, guesting on Jukebox Classics with Bel Air Bill and Howling Harry and has formed close friendships with them and several other DJs in Detroit.

Keith and Mike’s show can now be heard on several internet radio stations. Keith also has his own slot on DJ Curtis’s Flashback 70s show.

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