We need Studio 1 brightening up so we would love for you to send us a postcard, letter,  drawing of your cat, dog, favorite guitarist,  DJ …

So we would love it if you could send us something in old-school via the post 🙂

Our address is:

Longside Radio

If you add a return address or e-mail on there we hope to be able to send you a postcard or photo back too 🙂 (e-mail is better as then we can put the postage costs towards bringing you more fun stuff!)

We don’t anticipate this will become so popular we can’t afford to do it but if we can’t we reserve the right to not send postcards back if we are skint or someone posts it on Reddit or something 🙂

You can avoid us being skint by donating to us here : https://www.gofundme.com/longsideradio  🙂