Now we have a nice dry caravan but apparently people do like to sit down.

The DJ or DJs will have a normal swivel chair,  but people popping in or being interviewed are going to need somewhere to sit so with space at a premium we decided to reinstate a bench seat on the left had side.   This is on your left as you come in through the door.  ( I am going to make a plan of the caravan soon so this makes more sense).

Mark had already built a frame (on the left).

So the original plan was to put some supports or a frame in so it could be skinned with plywood.

We then popped back to Mark’s to see if he had any spare wood to use as supports.  We then discovered in a pile of firewood a load of short planks!


Not only that but they fit perfectly!


Next we turned our attention to the desk



For this we reused the old table and moved the leg using batons on the walls for the other supports.


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Sit on it!